Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #37

A Year of Gratitude #37: MOMS Club

I joined MOMS Club back in NC and there was so much drama in the group-- I was more than happy to leave. I could have stayed "active" for two months before we actually moved, but I decided to quit back in October. There's something about getting a bunch of catty women together and trying to feel "comfortable" with them.

It didn't matter how many meet-n-greet events I attended, playdates (like one), or meetings I went to (many), I always felt like I didn't quite belong. 

My SIL Heather had told me about MOMS Club back in July of 2010 because we had just come home from MI with Gus, and I had said something about wanting to do something with Gus while I stayed home with him. She had joined a MOMS Club in AZ and highly recommended it.

As you know, people are different everywhere you go. Even in my sorority, the girls in one chapter were totally different from girls in my own. So it wasn't surprising that the women in my chapter of MOMS Club in NC were so different from the women that I've met so far here in GA.

I decided to try and get involved in the MOMS Club here, because I'm in Atlanta Area Mommies (a free group), but have had mixed experiences with events. They also don't have age-specific playgroups and everything is all-ages. My area group in AAM is also VERY small and there aren't a lot of events planned that I see myself going to with Gus. Don't get me wrong, I met Dina through AAM and have also met Heather and Meg... but that's it so far.

I went to my first playdate with MOMS Club and felt totally overwhelmed by the house it was at. The house was gorgeous and I wasn't sure if the moms would be welcoming, warm, and friendly, or snobby. Thankfully, they were so down-to-Earth and friendly that I decided to join.

Gus and I now have a Monday playgroup (so worth the money) and there are seven other moms. It's small enough to know everyone but large enough that if someone can't make it, there are enough other people to have a good time.

I've met a new friend through MOMS Club- her name is Christy and she's also the MOMS Club VP of Membership. She's great at what she does, because she made me feel really welcomed and comfortable the first time I met her. She reminds me of my friend Renee Garland.

Anyway, I'm thankful that I joined this chapter and that I'm giving MOMS Club another chance to do something good for me. I had such a poor experience in NC that I was hoping the chapter here wouldn't be like the Fuquay/Holly Springs chapter was. This one has 20 members (the NC one had 50) and I've met seven of them so far... not too bad that I've met almost 1/3 of the membership at just one event! LOL

Dina was asking me about it tonight and said she might come to a playdate with me and maybe she'll join with Becca. :-)


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