Monday, February 06, 2012

Playdate and Computer Problems (AGAIN)

Good Morning!

Gus got up around 7:00 this morning and I was exhausted. I tossed and turned all night and as a result, I'm going to bed early tonight. Combined with (I'm guessing) too much sleep yesterday (I didn't get up until noon remember???), it was a bad night. I've had a headache all day as a result.

So... anyway, he got up and we played and had breakfast and then it was time to head out for our Monday MOMS Club playdate. We had a great time today. The ladies in the playgroup are so friendly, welcoming, warm, and inviting. They all make me feel apart of the group and they're very sweet with Gus.

Here are some pictures from our morning:
The boys were playing with beaded necklaces, rings, and bracelets!

Gus donning his rainbow necklace

Gus and a new friend... watch out Grace!!!

We headed home at noon and I decided to stop for Chick-Fil-A. We have not had CFA in MONTHS... so it was a nice treat. We had our lunch and then it was definitely time for a nap.

While Gus was napping, I was on Facebook and suddenly, my computer crashed and I got the blue screen of death. Keep in mind, I JUST had computer issues and have been scanning for Malware every Sunday. I just did a scan last night and it found nothing, so to have my computer crash was odd.
I got it started in safe mode, but this is the thing that kept popping up. If you can't read what it says, it basically says I was missing something called Secur32.dll. So what did I do? Yes... I texted my dad.

He said it wasn't a good thing and he'd have to call me after he was home from work. I texted Steve and he was trying to help remotely, but said to leave my computer alone and he'd mess with it when he got home.

He was able to get it fixed... but I'm definitely looking for something different. I asked my dad how much it'd be for him to build me something new. Hopefully it's not too much... I know he can make me something great and this POS needs to go.

Reading his new board book (came in the CFA kids meal)

Tomorrow we have the cleaners coming and I'm eager for them to get this house back in shape. It's in desperate need of vacuuming and dusting!! I'm going to head to Wal-Mart after they leave in the morning... then we'll be home for the rest of the day.

See you tomorrow-- I'm off to bed! I can't wait to watch The Bachelor tomorrow and see what happens with Courtney-- I'm hoping he sends her home tonight!! I LOATHE her!!!


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