Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #34

A Year of Gratitude #34: Steve's Job at World 50

I am thankful that not only does Steve have an incredible job, that takes him to places he'd never get to go, and introduces him to people he'd never get to meet, but I'm most thankful that he LOVES his job.

Yesterday, Steve got to wear his Bengals jersey to work because they were having a Super Bowl party from 3-5 for all employees. He made it through the day and was able to enjoy the festivities that they have planned for everyone. They had pizza (literally, a huge table was filled with boxes and stacked three to four high. They had beer... and they had munchies. The Wii was on and people were playing "Just Dance" and they had the corn hole out and people were playing that.

He is so lucky to work for a company that really puts the happiness and satisfaction of the employees first. When they do a great job, they're rewarded. Steve is given praise and feedback constantly, and loves to hear that he's doing a great job.

He's so happy and I'm thankful that he's happy. There are zero regrets about moving here and taking this job opportunity. I have to say, I KNEW it'd be awesome for him. From the moment he told me about it, I knew it was something he'd be perfect for, and so far I've been 100% correct.

So while Steve's super happy with work, I'm praying that I continue to make friends and feel my way around the area. I want (so desperately) to feel like this is "home." So far, it's just surreal that we're here and it's where we live. Not sure how long that feeling will last... probably a few months or even a year. I need to get comfortable and establish myself here... and then hopefully I'll be thankful to call this place home.


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