Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thursday's Top Ten: 10 Destinations On My Bucket List

There are a lot of places that I'd like to visit before I die... here are my top ten:
  1. Ireland (I'd like to see where my mother's side of my family came from)
  2. Hawaii (I've always wanted to go and see a volcano)
  3. Australia (I want to go, but don't want the plane ride)
  4. South Africa (I want to go on a safari and touch the Indian Ocean... I'd love to be at the bottom of the continent)
  5. Los Angeles/Hollywood (I'd love to see where the stars live)
  6. Egypt (Just to see the pyramids and maybe ride a camel)
  7. Alaska (I'd like to step foot in the Arctic Circle)
  8. Fiji (I want to sleep in a hut over the water)
  9. Jamaica (I'd like to go to a Sandals resort in Jamaica)
  10. San Francisco (Never been but I'd love to go)


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