Thursday, February 02, 2012

A GREAT Playdate!

This morning was wonderful!!! I was able to sleep in a bit AND get in the shower before Gus was up! I am feeling better and think I'm over my cold (yay)! Gus has a runny nose, but he seems to be on the upside of the cold as well. Steve, well, he's another story. He came home today at 2:00 because he wasn't feeling well.

We had a 10:00 playdate at Heather's (AAM) this morning. I was not nervous about it being like the bad playdate last week, mainly because I've met Heather and liked her a lot, and Meg (met her at the Zoo back in November) and Dina were also going. It was just the four of us moms and the kids and it was GREAT. 

Gus and Becca are both almost 21 months, Meg's daughter Charlee is 2, Heather's son Adam is 2.5, and Meg's son Carter is 3.5. So while the kids were not all the same age, they were all close enough to each other that they played really well together. Gus really enjoyed playing on Adam's train table.

Don't get me wrong, I love deal I got on the one that Gus has (it was $20 on Craig's List), but the new tables are SO NICE. Maybe I can buy the table top (not a whole new table)... the one we have is marked up and has stickers on it from the previous owner. We'll see... I don't know if you can buy just the table top and not the actual table.

We stayed at Heather's for about two hours and just had a really nice time. We got home and had lunch and then I put Gus down for his nap at 1:15. While he was napping (he's still napping), I got an email from my new friend Christie from MOMS Club and she invited Gus to her son Ryan's second birthday party! It'll be his first birthday party to attend!!! It's on the 11th at Gymboree... they'll have pizza and cake and I think Gus will have so much fun!! :-)

A week from today we'll be seeing Grace and Kristen and I can't wait! It's been two months since Gus last saw Grace and I'm eager to see how he reacts to seeing her again. I've missed Kristen too, so it'll be great to spend the whole day catching up with her and meeting her parents.

See you tomorrow!!


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