Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24

Day 24

"Reunited and it feels so good..."
YAY!! Wendy is back!! I missed her so much and it was so good to see her and the girls today!! She noticed that Gus has more hair than he did last week, which is funny to me. :)

We got up around 8 this morning and I was so tired. I could have slept for another three hours or so. I hate being tired.

We went downstairs and there was a problem with our DVR not letting me watch anything I had recorded... the screen was gray. I was more than upset about this and texted Steve about it. He suggested that I unplug it and see if it helped. It didn't. I decided to check the DirectTV forums and see if I could find a cure, but there was no luck. Steve ended up rebooting the thing when he got home and all my shows were there and ready for me to watch! YAY!!

Today we got tickets for the Carolina Roller Derby! I can't wait! We're going in April and I posted it on Facebook to see if anyone else wanted to go. Our friend Shannon said she was interested and so did Jen. I hope they all go because it'll be a lot of fun. It was today's Living Social deal and was for two tickets for $10... can't beat that, and it's for two games on one day. I'm excited because I've always wanted to go to live Roller Derby!!

So, you know how I went to the eye doctor on Saturday and had to get new glasses? I got a call from Target Optical this afternoon and my glasses had come in already! I went around 3 to get them and now I'm wearing them! Isn't that crazy incredible? I don't know how they managed to send them out and get them back on a weekend... but they did!

Gus decided NOT to take a nap today. He slept a little in the car on the way to Target and then on the way home, but then he was up and Wendy and the girls came over and he was a happy boy!

After Wendy left, I made dinner (pan roasted chicken with asparagus and button mushrooms in a shitake garlic sauce) and then fed Gus while it was baking. He did so well again today!! Maybe it's because I'm more relaxed, but he ate a lot tonight! He had some cheese cubes (I cut up some cheese from a block into tiny bite-sized pieces) and he liked them. Then I fed him some pear blueberry oatmeal and he loved it! He also had some water in the sippy and drank a lot of it!

After dinner, we watched Idol from last week and Gus played in his exersaucer. I gave him his chewy and he was soooooo happy! He loves that thing!

After some play time it was time to change him and get him ready for bed. He was so silly tonight... I had to take some pictures of him as he giggled and laughed on the changing table.

He's my funny little man! I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow night Wendy and I are going to Bingo for Mom's Night Out with our MOMS Club. I'm excited... I love Bingo and this place has it for free! Plus some fun time with Wendy and no baby to worry about... should be a blast!!

See you tomorrow!


adrianne + will said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahh! Rollergirl sale! I went to go get us a pair of tickets and the February battle is sold out. How rude! I should have been faster! I get a Groupon email daily but will have to sign up for some Living Social alerts!

Cat's Litterbox said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Adri- Go and sign up for the April 16th one!!! It'd be fun!!! The deal just started today so it's still good!

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