Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 4: Mary Breeding

Week 4: Mary Breeding

This week I decided to send a letter to an old family friend named Mary Breeding. She was my Grandma Ghrist's best friend, and lives on the street behind where my Grandma used to live. For a period of time, Mary and her son Donald lived with my grandparents and my dad.

I've known her my entire life and have always considered her to be part of my family. When we go back to MI we always try to see her, and 9 times out of 10 we do. She was there for Gus's Baptism lunch and saw him a few times before we left to come back to NC.

We have had many holidays with Mary and her friend Francine. Mary was married to John, and he was my karate instructor when I was just a kid. John and Mary were so great together and then John passed away. Mary at least had my Grandma Ghrist and her son Donald. Then Donald passed away, and then a few years ago my Grandma Ghrist passed away. My parents and Scott always make it a point to see how she's doing and they check up on her weekly.

I think she'll be really surprised to get a letter from me, and I included some recent pictures of Gus for her. I hope she enjoys them and they bring a smile to her face.



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