Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27

Day 27

Gus Sleeping This Morning
We started our day off with a lot of extra sleep. I should say GUS started HIS day off with extra sleep. I didn't get any extra... in fact I was up at 6:30 and didn't go back to sleep. Gus, on the other hand got up at 6:30 and went back to sleep from 7:00-9:30!!! He got about 13 hours total sleep last night and made for a good day with him (despite no real nap this afternoon).

Here's a video of Gus sleeping this morning. Doesn't he look so sweet? I just think he's the cutest damn baby!!

Wendy sent me a text around 9ish and asked what time I wanted her to come over to help me clean (she's such a good friend to help me clean my house). I said when Gus got up I'd text her. Then she said she made pancakes and asked if I wanted some... I said yes and she said she'd come over. She got here around 9:15 and I was only downstairs for a bit before Gus woke up.

We put on The Little Mermaid for the girls and Gus played for a bit while Wendy helped me clean. I HATE cleaning, so to have her offer to help... it was a God-send. We got everything almost perfect (I still had some laundry to fold) and then we needed a lunch break, so we headed to All-Aboard Pizza. I had a meatball parm sub and their homemade chips and it was pretty good. The sub was 1/2 size and was a good portion (not too much, but enough to satisfy). 

We stopped at the local Carolina Eye Associates (or something like that) and K got her glasses adjusted, and I got my new ones adjusted too because they've been hurting behind my left ear. Now my ear is fine and my glasses don't hurt!

After lunch and CEA, we came back here and finished cleaning and then Steve got home. 

Wendy and I had a TM coffee playdate at Chick-Fil-A and we left around 3:20 for that. There weren't too many moms there, but it was fun and I'm glad we went. I don't know any moms from TM, so it's nice to go and meet new people.

We got back here around 4:45 and then I said bye to Wendy and headed inside. We had our final post placement visit tonight!!

Walt got here right at 5 and stayed until about 6:30. He asked the standard questions about Gus's development and his likes/dislikes, but he was blown away by Gus's ability to stand and play, and his ability to climb the stairs (and so quickly too)! He said in his 37 years as a social worker doing home studies, he's NEVER seen an eight-month-old that can climb stairs, and is so strong. :)

It's so incredible to BE DONE with the adoption process!!! All we do now is wait for the finalization to happen, but all the work is over. AHHHHHH!!!! It's so crazy to think that there are people on the CAS waiting families page, who were on there well before we were on the waiting list, and they are STILL waiting for a baby. I know the timing is always the right timing, and God has a plan, but I am so thankful to have our adoption be completed and in less than a year from when we started. 

We are definitely going home to MI in February and Steve has officially taken the time from work. While it's not really in our budget to just up and go, we're driving and it'll be cheaper than flying (which we couldn't do right now), and we'll be staying with my parents (no hotel needed) and all we have to really afford is food. I so need this trip and even if there's a foot of snow, I am excited to go "home" and spend some time with family. I can't wait for them to see Gus and love on him.

More exciting, is the idea that some of Gus's birth family is going to meet him for the very first time! I and going to contact his birth mom's family and birth dad's family and let them know that we'll be coming up and let them know to contact us if they'd like to see him. I don't want to push him on them if they're not ready to see him, but I have a feeling that they'll be really excited about it. I hope so anyway!!

Tomorrow is the first day that I don't have anything planned for us to do. I'm actually looking forward to doing nothing. My house is clean (THANKS AGAIN WENDY) and I have no play dates or trips to take. I am taking K to pre-school while Wendy and Ryan take A to the doctor, but that's it. 

Steve is eager to go to work tomorrow and see what hijinks his coworkers have planned for his birthday. He works with some crazy people and they always prank each other on birthdays. One year they made a HUGE poster of Steve with his mullet and posted it in the stairwell. They also called him Bevis and made a place-mat with his picture and Bevis's picture... we'll see what they do to him.

I'll write again tomorrow...


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