Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29

Day 29

I think this is the most I've posted in a row EVER in my life. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but it's sorta become a routine. After we put Gus to bed, I come online and blog about my day. In a way, it's been therapeutic to be able to record my thoughts and feelings. Most of what I post is pretty feeble, but I guess when Gus is older I can come back and show him all about 2011. LOL

Today is Steve's 36th birthday. I asked him if he felt old and he said this is the oldest he's ever felt (lol). He said Gus exhausts him and he's always tired and can't seem to get ahead. I totally get that... I feel the same.

My friend Aimee has a friend, I won't write her name, but we'll call her S. Anyway... she's pregnant and due in like a week or so. On Facebook she posted something about being so ready for the baby to come because she's exhausted being pregnant. I commented that she better enjoy the last bit of peace and quiet and rest that she'll get in a LONG time. She then replied about how uncomfortable she is and that the baby kicks and she hasn't had a good night's sleep in weeks. Then I (should have just let it be) commented, "That's nothing compared to what's coming once the baby is here." With that, she decided to totally hit below the belt. Now... I wasn't being a bitch and wasn't trying to start shit with her. I was just honestly telling it like it is. She decided to come back with, "Cathy, once you've carried a baby inside you, then you can give me your advice." Or something along those lines. It was rude, and it was hurtful. I deleted her.

Anyway, it just really pissed me off. Who does that? Who decides that they're the smartest, and they know it all, and really, she knows nothing because she hasn't had a baby yet. She totally took a punch and ventured into a territory that is unforgivable. You don't make hurtful, spiteful, mean comments to someone because they were offering "advice." Granted... I have not had a baby inside me, and I'm sure it probably does get quite uncomfortable... but YOU GOT PREGNANT. How about being thankful for the baby inside you being almost full-term. I don't know.

I find no excuse for the comment and I hope she has a baby that is collicy and cries nonstop. I hope she gets no sleep and has a baby that spits up after every feeding (which, she's told everyone won't happen... her baby isn't going to spit up and get all the Gymboree clothes that she's purchased for her (brand new) dirty).

But I digress... Steve's birthday was a good one. Very low-key, but that's how we roll around here. We went grocery shopping and then came home and put the food away and headed off to Outback. We got there at 5 and there was a 20-30 minute wait. We had a delicious dinner... I told the waitress that it was his brithday and I wanted obnoxious singing... and we got nothing. No dessert... no singing. Whatever.

My certified divorce decrees came today from Ann Arbor!! YAY! So now we have our two copies that we're required to send to CAS (although, the more I think about it, the more I say screw them), and then an additional one for our records. However... if/when we adopt again, we'll need another copy, so maybe we'll keep the CAS copies and save them for adoption #2.

We had a high of 61 today and it was gorgeous. I took some pictures of Gus throughout the day today... here are some of my favorites:

Watching a video of himself with daddy

On the way home from grocery shopping

Yes... he is pants-less

I have some videos of Gus that I took today... I'll post them in a minute.
See you tomorrow!


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