Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

Day 26

What a great day!! Not only did I get to spend the day with Kim and Jen, and meet Jen's new boyfriend (more on that in a minute), BUT... Gus said "Mama" for the very first time today!!!

I took a video of it and it's posted under the Videos tab at the top of this blog (definitely check it out and leave me some love)!! I am so thrilled! He said "dada" back on December 25th, but only said it a few times. He's been saying "mama" all day and I just love it!!
So... this morning we played for a bit and then we headed to Kim's to pick her up and then drove to Cary to meet Jen and Matt for lunch.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Jen Allen. She is such a great friend and truly one of a kind and someone that I am so glad to have in my life. She's always had my back and I love her. Steve loves her too. She's just a great friend. So... when we had dinner with her in December to meet her sister Rebecca (we love her too), she was telling us about this guy that she had met on J-Date and just started dating.
Well... it's serious enough that she's introducing him to friends. Her mom hasn't met him yet, but that's coming up soon. He is perfect for her. He's cute, tall, FUNNY, and most importantly... he loves her and accepts her completely. I am so happy for her and so glad that she found someone. She thinks he's the one, and I really hope he is.

We met at Panera and I was stoked to find out that I got a free dessert because I signed up for their Panera Card (free). I had a 1/2 sandwich and soup and then a chocolate chip cookie. Not all bad, but the cookie wasn't something that I "had" to have... but I had a small breakfast, so maybe that makes it okay. LOL
Gus with Kim (on left) and Jen (on right)

Gus and Kim

Tonight was bath night, so of course, we bring him up here and Steve decides to play some music. Maybe I'm SUPER emotional right now, but he played, "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift... I could not stop crying. Here's the video... ignore the stupid ad stuff on the side and just listen to the words. I can't hear this without thinking about Gus and just how much I love him and how important he is to my life. What was I doing before him? It's so good...

Then he decided to really do me in and played, "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley:

He started singing the song to Gus while he was in the bath and I couldn't help but cry even more. I have promised to NEVER take for granted that all that I ever wanted was a baby.

My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, and after so many months of thinking it was finally happening, only to face complete devastation, Gus is a blessing. He is the most special, precious, thing that I've ever had the pleasure of encountering. And to think that he's my son and I will get the honor of being with him every day for as long as we both live... it's awesome.
I just know that my husband is incredible, he's an amazing father, but even better, he's a fabulous husband and partner. He's my best friend and the absolute love of my life. I am so lucky to have a man that will play songs like these, and do so because they make him think of Gus, and think of me with Gus. He makes my heart melt.

My baby boy is happiest with his letter G. He loves to chew on it and is the most laid-back baby when it comes to bath time. He doesn't care about getting his hair washed, or having water poured over his head... as long as he has his G, he's all good. Now when he gets into the tub, he immediately starts to look for his G-- too funny.

Tomorrow is our LAST post placement visit and I am nervous. It's at 5 and I hope it goes well. Walt will then write up his recommendation and then it's off to Michigan and we wait for the finalization!!! I can't wait for the day that we can celebrate "Adoption Day" with Gus!!!

I'm super excited because we're thinking about heading north in a few weeks to visit family. I haven't seen my mom and dad since November 15th... and miss them so much. And... it's been since July since I last saw Scott, Christie, Alex and Lily and I miss them!! We're really hoping that Steve has nothing going on at work and we can go!! I can't wait to see everyone and just be back in the mitten for a week!!

Until tomorrow...


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