Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28

Day 28

We had a great day today! We didn't really go anywhere or do anything, but it was nice to just stay home and relax in a clean house. :)

I had to take K to preschool this morning so Gus and I got up at 7:40 and headed downstairs just in time for Wendy to come over with K. She didn't want to stay with me and didn't want to go to school. She wanted to stay with Wendy and before Wendy left, she started to cry. I was so proud of her though, because she pulled it together and not long after, Gus was trying to make her laugh, and so she couldn't stay upset any longer.
She and I watched Planet 51 (the end of it) and she had her breakfast. Then I had to pack everyone up and head back to Wendy's to grab K's backpack, and then we headed to preschool. I know she likes Taylor Swift, so I pulled up my TS folder on my iPhone and played a variety of TS song's for K. It seemed to make her happy. Then when we got to school, she was excited to be the first one in carpool. :)

I headed back home after dropping her off and then watched some Jersey Shore from last night, as well as my Beyond Scared Straight and 90210 from earlier this week. 

I decided to take some pictures of Gus today... I think they're super cute!! He had a booger in his nose (that I didn't realize until the photo shoot was about over... and all the cute ones had a nasty booger hanging out of his nose. I tried to edit it out, but you can sorta see it still in some).

This afternoon I put Gus down for a nap and he just didn't want to sleep. It took me from 1:30-3:00 to get him to finally go down. Then my mom called and I talked to her for about 45 minutes. I am so excited to go home and see her (and my dad, and Scott and Christie's family)!!!

When it was around 4:30, Gus got up and then Wendy came over. She brought us a car seat that we can use for Gus!! He's around 20 pounds and the one we have right now is only for 22 pounds. AND... I have the awesome one that I bought a few months ago, but it's forward -facing only and Gus can't use it yet. Once he's a year, I think we'll put the one Wendy just gave us in Steve's car, and then we'll put the Graco one in my car. Either way, it was so nice of her to bring us a seat, AND she installed it for me! What a friend!! :)
Steve got home from his day and shared some of the gifts that he got from co-workers. They decorated his office and then he went to lunch with his boss. He spoke on behalf of Burt's to the NC State board for their sustainability program and he was able to give them feedback about what things their students/interns need to know before entering the workforce. He loved it and they gave him a nice shirt for coming. We're hoping that maybe it'll lead to a professor position... we'll see.

We finished watching Idol while eating dinner and then just brought Gus up for bed. Tomorrow is Steve's 36th birthday! We're going to Outback to celebrate! 

On another note... have you ever seen Mickey Mouse's Club House? Okay... there's this song at the end of each show (the Hotdog song) and Gus LOVES it! It's burned into my brain and I have the stupid song stuck in my head!!!! AHHHHH!!! >:[
See you tomorrow!!


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Glad we got it installed!!!!! Always a great time!!!! See ya tomorrow!!!

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