Thursday, December 15, 2011

Open Adoption Roundtable #32

Open Adoption Roundtable #32: Share a holiday memory that involves open adoption

Unfortunately, we live in a different state than all of our family (husband's side of our family, my side of our family, and our son's side of our family). So we end up spending a lot of holidays alone, or with family a day or two after the holiday. Since our son is only 19 months old, we have only had one holiday before this current one, with him in our lives.

While we're not able to physically be together with his side of our family, we do send them gifts that we make from our son. Last year we made ornaments with our son's hand print and sent them to his birth mom's family and his birth father's family. We also sent a lot of pictures for them to have for Christmas.

This year, we got his birth mom a very special gift (can't reveal) that we hope she loves as much as we do. We'll be sending that to her, along with a very special picture that our son made for her and for his birth father as well. 

It's my hope that sometime in the future, we'll be able to celebrate more holidays with family (all sides). We were able to celebrate our son's first birthday with everyone. We had a celebration in NC with my parents and my husband's parents and friends, and then a few months later, when we were in MI seeing family, we celebrated again. We had a great time celebrating with Gus's birth family (both sides came together for the day to celebrate).

We're very blessed to have such an amazing open adoption!!


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We are so very lucky to have all our families so close to us. Our son's birthday parties are HUGE(like 60+) people!

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