Monday, February 13, 2012

"A Case of the Mondays..."

This morning Gus and I went to our playgroup and had a great time. There were only four of us today, since everyone else had something else going on. It was fun though, and the conversation was interesting. I like these women. I find them easy to talk with, and I'm so thankful that they're so open and willing to share their friendship with me.

While at the playgroup, I decided that we're going to go to Catch Air tomorrow at 10am. I invited everyone at the playgroup, and I think one of the moms might come (her name is Kathryn). I also invited Dina, and hopefully she can come with Becca, and at least meet Kathryn.

We got home, had lunch, and it was nap time. Gus slept until 3:00 and then when he got up we headed downstairs to play.

While he was napping, his puzzles from Amazon arrived! I was so eager to have him play with them. Our BOB Books also came and so did his new book "Gus Gets Scared."

We went down and he had no interest in the books (SHOCKER) but was very interested in the shapes puzzle. So we played with that for a while, then his cars, his trains, and then the ball popper.

Steve came home while we were downstairs, and so we were pleasantly surprised when we came upstairs and he was here. He had brought in the mail, and there was a package from Wendy. Inside was some candy, a cute framed piece, a frog magnet, some punch-balloons, and a duck calling sound thingy.

We decided to head to Long John Silvers for some dinner... it's a RARE event that we eat there... but it sounded really good to both of us. So we took the HOUR to get there.

However... before we left, Steve asked if I wanted to exchange Valentine's tonight or tomorrow. I said whatever he wanted to do, and he said tonight.  :-)

He gave me a cute (very dirty) card, some Sour Patch Kids, some Lindt chocolates, some sea salt soiree chocolates (my favorite), and this:
Apparently my heart is in Mt. Pleasant... (LOL). I love it. Michigan is where my heart is... (not Mt. Pleasant) and it meant a lot that he would get me something to remind me of home. My husband is so thoughtful. <3

Speaking of home... today I got a LivingSocial deal for a place called Motor City Coney Island... in Stone Mountain (about 40 minutes away). They sell coney dogs, Faygo and get this... Better Made chips!!! I was SHOCKED and so excited!!! I got two vouchers and can't wait for us to go and use them!!! I am so seriously excited about this!!

Anyway-- see you tomorrow!! Happy early Valentine's Day!


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