Sunday, February 12, 2012

Peaceful Sunday

This morning we headed to Costco to cash our rebate check. We have two American Express cards and one is also our Costco membership card. We use it for dining out and we get back a decent amount each year. We get a check from AMX and have to go to Costco to redeem it.

This year, not only did we cash our check, but we decided to do some shopping as well. We ended up getting lots of great deals and should be set on things for a while and it should save us $$ at the grocery store.

I had hoped to find the BOB Books on sale, but our Costco didn't have them. I'll check again this spring and maybe they'll have them. Scholastic should be sending me the first set to review... and then we just bought Gus the pre-readers (two different sets). 

We ended up getting him this awesome Thomas and Friends book that makes all sorts of train sounds. He was in love. Between the book and my new favorite busy snack (I have pretzel rods... and I store them in a hard wipes container so they don't get crushed), he was perfectly happy to shop.

We left Costco and headed home. I needed a few odds and ends that we couldn't get at Costco, so Steve ran into Kroger and grabbed a few things for us before we headed home.

Gus's new favorite thing to do while riding in the car... removing his shoes and socks!

We got home, had lunch and then Gus went down for his three hour nap. I was able to watch The River from Tuesday... what a weird show. Verdict is still out on if I liked it or not... I need time to think about it. LOL

We caught up on the rest of our DVRd shows and I even had a chance to start reading my newest read, "Queen Bees and Wanna Bees." While I'm not the mom of a girl (yet maybe)... I still think it's interested to know about the world of girls. And if I ever return from retirement and go back to the classroom, the info will be helpful. So far the book is excellent and one that all parents of girls should read.

We had steak, roasted potatoes and parmesean crusted asparagus (thanks Pinterest) for dinner. While I was pulling the asparagus out of the over, I burned my arm and now have a second-degree burn. It hurts so badly... I did put some soy sauce on it, as I read it's a great pain reliever and helps with blistering. We'll see-- it still hurts.

Tomorrow we have our playgroup in the morning and then that's it for the day. We don't have any plans for the rest of the week... maybe we'll try to go to Catch Air on Wednesday. Michelle is being induced Thursday night and so I have my day cleared on Friday so I can go and take pictures when it's time. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've never seen a baby born... I hope it's not too overwhelming for me!!!

Here are some pictures of the many faces of Gus during dinner tonight:

See ya later!!


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