Friday, February 17, 2012

Wasted Away By Waiting...

Yep... I've been waiting for the call to go to the hospital... ALL. DAY.

I've had numerous texts with updates, but without any progress, there's no need for me to head to the hospital. 

It's 8:15pm and the plan is to wait until 9ish and see if she's progressed any more... (she's currently at a 4) and if she's not, they're going to do a c-section. 

I asked if they wanted pictures of the labor... and I was told, "No thank you." So now I'm waiting to hear if I'll be needed at all. I feel like my entire day was wasted and I hurried up to do nothing more than wait. I got squat sleep because I kept checking my phone... I could not be someone who's job is to be on call. That's for sure.

So we'll see if I get called. If she has the c-section, I don't think they'll have me drive 35 minutes just to take pictures of her after. She had already said she didn't need/want pictures after since everyone will have cameras.

The only way I'll be going is if she has the baby vaginally. We'll see. At this point, I'm not holding my breath.

Steve's dad got here around 4:30ish and Steve had told him that Gus was sleeping, so he just came in... and when he did, the dogs freaked out and that scared Gus (who was sitting on Steve's lap) and then Gus looked up and saw Grandpa and he FLIPPED OUT. So he's been crying off and on all night whenever Grandpa has looked at him. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.



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