Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #48

A Year of Gratitude #48: Healthy Michelle and June

So as you all know, I was supposed to take labor and delivery pictures for Michelle yesterday. Things did not go according to plan, and after trying to get the baby out, Michelle's pelvis was too small. The stress caused her blood-pressure to rise, and a C-Section was required to get June out safely. 

Thankfully, both Michelle and June came through the delivery process unharmed and alive. Michelle had to have three (yes, THREE) epidurals because the first wasn't placed right, the second wore off, and the third was to completely numb her for the surgery. Talk about painful!

I stayed up until eleven last night hoping to hear something from her husband Josh, but never did. I checked Facebook thinking that her mom would have posted the "I'm a grandma" post, but she didn't. So I started to think the worst happened.

I checked my phone first thing this morning to see if I had a text... but there was nothing. I checked FB and Josh's sister Sandi had posted a picture of June (I didn't know if she had a boy or girl) and the stats. I finally relaxed a little knowing that both mama and baby were okay.

Around ten tonight, Michelle texted me and asked if she could call me. We talked for about a half-hour and I'm so glad to hear she's okay. What an ordeal. :-/   She was disappointed to not have me there to take pictures, but had I been there, I couldn't have taken pictures anyway. She asked if I'd come to the hospital tomorrow to see her and meet June and Josh. I said I would be delighted and she asked if I would bring my camera to take some pictures of June and them as a family. :-)

She'll be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday... so I'm glad I'll get to see her while she's close (lol). I'm hoping to go visit her weekly (if I can) because she can't drive for four weeks!!

Anyway, I'm so thankful that she's okay, June is okay, and she's now a mama!!


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