Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #49

A Year of Gratitude #49: Elphie

I'm sorta sad writing this one because our time with Elphie is very short-lived. Next weekend, when Steve's dad and Sue Ann leave to head back to Indiana, they'll be taking Elphie with her.

We are at our wit's end with her. Between the constant escaping, to her new trick of digging up the backyard to try and get into the neighbor's yard, it's too much stress. Each time she escapes, I have to go out calling for her and that with Gus at the same time is NOT easy or enjoyable.

Then on Thursday she decided to start digging to China and I brought her in covered from head to tail, in mud. Today, Steve let her out for a minute while he put Gus down for a nap, and when he came down to let her back in (it was less than five minutes), not only could he not find her, but when he did, she was digging again and shoulder-deep in the hole, and covered in mud.

She's causing too much stress and wrecking our yard. There are holes everywhere. She's been pooping downstairs (just outside the door to the litterbox room) because she's not going to the bathroom when she's outside... she's too busy digging.

So... Steve's dad said he'd take her back to Indiana with him. He's going to put her on a collar and have an invisible fence... and she'll be able to run free. I think she'll love it. She'll have Dog and Georgie to play with (their other dogs) and I think it'll make her happy to be free to roam and play all day (within the perimeter of the farm-- which is a nice amount of land for a pooch).

I'm sad to see her go... since I've grown attached to her. I'm sadder for Gus. He absolutely loves her (his love for her has saved her butt so many times). We're just at the point that we can't do it anymore.

So... while it's sad for him to say goodbye to her (they've been together since he was two months old), maybe when we don't have a dog anymore (Ned's got about five years left in him-- if that), and he's a bit older, we can get another dog and it can be Gus's dog. 

It most definitely will NOT be a Jack Russell or any other type of terrier. Not sure what we'd get, but no breed that's known for being too smart for their own good, and not one that digs for EVERYTHING.

So we'll say goodbye to Elphie, but we'll get to see her when we visit the farm, and Dad said he'll maybe bring her with them when they come here for visits. Gus would at least get to see her more often that way.

I'll miss the sweet way he calls for her, "IIIIIII----Sheeeeee"


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