Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Horrible Afternoon

This morning started off great... Gus slept until 7:30ish and started stirring. I hopped in the shower and when I got out, he had decided to go back to sleep. He didn't get back up until 9:30!

We watched a little tv, had breakfast and Gus was warm to the touch, and VERY snuggly. He was a little "off" but was talking with me and wasn't withdrawn or anything. 

He perked up at lunch and was very happy to see Daddy. He had a GREAT lunch... ate almost an entire piece of pizza (they were HUGE slices), had apple sauce and some cheese. On the way home, he was sleepy, but otherwise seemed okay.

When I walked in the door I smelled something really odd... but I wasn't sure what it was. I took Gus straight up for his nap, and he crashed instantly. 

When I came back down to let the dogs out... A sight beheld my eyes that filled me with shock and horror. Ned had vomited all over his crate AND the floor... and then had a blow out of poo out the back side of the crate. There was poop all over the walls (his crate was in the corner)... all over the floor... and between the carpet and baseboards. And the smell... don't even get me started.

So I immediately let him and Elphie outside... and went to work to try and clean it up. It was so gross... I began dry heaving at the smell. I got as much done as I possibly could and then I went to let the dogs in...

When I opened the door, Ned came right in, and then Elphie came and she was covered, from head to toe... in MUD (it was sprinkling outside). I was so irrate... words cannot convey how absolutely pissed off I was.

I grabbed her before she could go past the kitchen, and carried her to our bathroom... and threw her in the tub. I then gave her a bath... while covered in remnants of Ned's poo and vomit. It was too much.

So after her bath, I put her back in her crate to dry off and to stay out of my way. I had just sat down at my computer to cool off and text Steve about the progress of things when all of a sudden, Ned projectile vomited all over the hardwoods and rug in front of our front door.

I jumped up, let him out and proceeded to cry. 

Ned stayed outside for quite a while from that point on. I cleaned up the vomit and threw the rug outside.

Steve came home early to help me with cleaning the mess in our bedroom... which now has a spot that just won't come out. :-(

Gus didn't get up from his nap until 5, but when he woke, he was HOT. We checked his temp and he was at 103.7!! We put him in a lukewarm bath and then gave him some meds to try and bring down his temp. He was shivering... poor baby. Steve and Gus snuggled for a bit before we came back down for dinner.

His temperature dropped to 100.3 and we were so happy that it went down. He's been sticking his entire hand in his mouth these last couple days, so I presume he's teething and that's the cause for the spiked fever. It wasn't a long-lasting temp and we were able to bring it down. 

We researched what to do and as long as we were able to get the fever down and he is acting like himself, everything we read said not to rush him to the ER. If he stayed elevated and wasn't being himself then it was our call to take him or not.

Thankfully, the fever stayed down and we were able to put him to bed without worrying too much. Hopefully it'll stay down overnight.

I'm ready to go to bed. I'm not sure when I'll get the call to head to the hospital... so I want to be as rested as possible.

Thankfully, Ned hasn't had any more puking/pooping problems, but he is limping a little on his one leg. Not sure what's going on with him, but we'll keep our eyes on him and hope he's okay tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!


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