Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #47

A Year of Gratitude #47: Lunch with Steve

Today Gus and I drove to Buckhead to have lunch with Steve. It was rainy and yucky outside, but the commute wasn't bad at all. 

I took Gus inside, where we met Steve right inside the World 50 lobby. Steve showed me his new desk, complete with his incredible view of Sandy Springs. I got to meet Bill and Rebecca (Bill is the Supply Chain 50 Director and Rebecca is his assistant). We said our hellos to many of the other World 50 peeps and then we headed back to the car to head to lunch.

We ended up going to a pizza place and shared a salad and a few slices of pizza. It was a great lunch and I'm so thankful that Gus and I were able to drive to Buckhead and have a great lunch with Steve.


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