Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #46

A Year of Gratitude #46: The Kindness of Strangers at the Post Office

Last night we were able to get our tax returns in order and ready to be mailed. Steve asked if I would take them (there are three... Federal, NC state and GA state) to the post office today.

My initial reaction when he asked me to take them to the post office was not the best. I flipped out... he responded with the fact that he doesn't ask me to do much, and it's something that must be done.

FINE! I was pissed, but I said I'd go.

I KNEW it'd go exactly like it went today. You see, our local post office has ONE person that works and he's slow as molasses. When I got there, there was one person in line in front of me. But then I had to fill out the forms for certified mail, and two people got in front of where I'd be, so I had three in front of me.

Gus was good for the first FIFTEEN minutes... he helped hold my purse, he helped hold the tax returns, he helped hold the certified mail forms... and then he was done. I was stressed...

The entire trip took more than 30 minutes and it was ridiculous. However, I didn't have a choice... the tax returns needed to be sent TODAY... so I sucked it up and dealt with the issue at hand (a squirmy toddler who wanted to run and explore, and me having to stand in line waiting while said child was bored and restless).

Looking back, I SHOULD have just put him in the stroller before coming inside, but I didn't think it'd be that long, and I thought he could handle it. He was all over the place... he was willing to hold my hand for a bit, but then he wanted to explore. Unfortunately, I couldn't explore with him... so it became a battle.

THANKFULLY... the strangers in line in front of me, let me pass them and go up when the guy at the counter was FINALLY able to take the next customer.

I'm thankful for the kindness of strangers and for the understanding they showed me. They were kind, helped me keep my eye on Gus (while filling out ANOTHER certified mail form because he decided to rip up the one that I had let him hold)...

Thankfully people are still willing to help each other and are considerate of others. Even if it was a mom overwhelmed by her crazy toddler.


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